MAGGIES unique MAGNETIC FASTENERS allow you to attach scarves, sarongs and shawls to clothing, close a sweater or jacket or invisibly fasten a tie. They are essential to fashion your own personal look simply with the original two-part MAGGIES or the three-part MAGGIE SNAPS

Home & Outdoor

MAGGIE SNAPS are a must around the home because they allow quick and easy additions of shade to umbrella’s or awnings, partition tents, screen an umbrella or pop-up tent with netting, make any sheet or pillow case fitted, hold a table cloth, hang signs or decorations and so much more!


MAGGIES are the perfect solution for fastening all fabrics quickly and easily without damage or need for pins, stitching or permanent alteration. They are simple to use, multi-functional, durable and compatible with every fabric. If extra power is needed simply use two magnets without the rings.